Pastor Godfrey Migwi

Pastor Migwi recently ignited fire in social media after claiming that most celebrities are living a lieeven in their marriages.

According to him most Celebs want to make Kenyans assume they have money even when it’s clear they don’t.

Here is why I think pastor Migwi was right

1– Most celebs will slay on social media only to cry foul when they are in problems later.

Many will say that Kenyans have pressured them to live a certain lifestyle even when they cannot afford it.

Uliskia wapi? Don’t use the excuse of people pressured you to live a fake lifestyle

2- Most celebs only post the good side of their life and never the negative.

No one loves being seen in bad light.

But what celebs don’t understand sometimes what they call negative might inspire someone who is going through the same experience.

So when such celebs post their negative side, they mostly end up being trolled.

3– Over sharing

As a celebrity it’s up to you to chose who your friends are.

Everyone will want to be your friend but some are just there for the gossip so choose wisely.

4- Trying to keep up

Most Celebs live a life of wanting to keep up with how their counterparts are doing.

This means some will even take loans just to live the life,but remember when you go broke utabaki pekee.

Do you agree with celebs that Kenyans give them pressure to live a certain lifestyle?