Papa Dennis

The death of Papa Dennis has left Kenyans in shock after his body was found in Pangani.

He died at a point where his star was expected to rise by many.

Well, here are lessons we can learn from

1. People he called friends, failed him at his hour of need

It has emerged that Papa Dennis was going through financial difficulties something that left him depressed.


That should teach you that only God does not leave you at your hour of need.

Papa Dennis would be alive, if only medics responded quickly,’ cries twin brother

2. Life can change in the blink of an eye

For people who knew Papa Dennis, we all know that his was a story of grass to grace.

From selling charcoal to travelling the world Papa had it all, then lost it all.

Sadly, he never invested and that is something we should learn from. The lesson here is to save for rainy days because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Papa did not know that the posh life he was living would lead him to his grave. It’s such a sad thing to lose a young and promising soul.

3. Invest in your family they are the only one who will stand by you

Most families stand by their loved one through thick and thin. Though some would never even send you Ksh 50 to buy dinner.

Most would move heaven and earth to help you so invest your time in them.

Martha Wajero

4. Pick your friends

Even if it means having two friends, that is okay. You would rather have two loyal friends than 1000 backstabbers.

Machachari actress and girlfriend to Papa Dennis pens pens heartbreaking tribute

5. Live life for you

One of the many reasons Papa Dennis fell into depression is because he did not have someone to open up to.

The title of a ‘celeb’ may have made him fear opening up for fear of ridicule given his past posh life.

My advise is, never be bothered about what people, say after all, watasema mchana usiku watalala.

If it means moving to a single room from a three bedroom do it, if it means buying githeri ya 30 instead of dying hungry do it.

But do not let fear pull you down.

All in all may Papa Dennis rest in peace. Our condolences to his family and friends.

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