Ahead of her 5th annual Diamond Ball on Thursday night, Rihanna gave an interview to  Essence.

What she said has been misconstrued to mean that she is heavy with child.

Rihanna said, “I’m a black woman. I come from a black woman who came from a black woman who came from a black woman and I’m going to give birth to a black woman,” she told the outlet in a now-viral interview.

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Adding, “That’s who I am. It’s the core of who I am in spirit and in DNA. And I always stand up for what I believe in and who I love and who I know, who I respect.”

And that one, teeny, tiny mention about giving birth has set social media into an absolute frenzy, with fans now believing the 31-year-old subtly confirmed she’s pregnant with her first child.

Indeed, the speculation even began trending on Twitter shortly after the clip was posted to Instagram.

Check out her interview below

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