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Ten to twenty years ago marriage was one of the most respected institutions in society. Peeps got married for the right reasons, of course, most of them were arranged but they worked out just fine.

Fast forward to this millennia, marriage has been whittled down to being “just a piece of paper”.

People are now getting married just for the sake; some get married because the girl is pregnant, pressure from friends and family and others are just in it for the money.

This is why marriage is not respected at all, married men and women are sleeping around all over the place.

Dear slay queens and kings, Relationships sio biashara, please!

Married men are now smashing younger girls especially those in their 20s, which begs the question who is to blame for this disregard for the holy matrimony?

I was listening to Kamene and Jalang’o today on their morning show, Kamene told Jalas that married men approach her but she keeps rejecting them.

She said that her ex-husband stepped out on their marriage several times before she finally decided to call it quits.

According to Kamene, it is a man’s responsibility to protect his marriage and if he can’t protect it then he should not get married.

Jalas, however, was of the opinion that a lot of young girls right now are the ones hitting on married men and that they are the ones who should stay away.

Now whichever religion you subscribe to I am sure each and every one of it respects the holy matrimony of marriage.

Dear celebrities, stop with the publicity stunts, they are now redundant!

If you are a Christian like me then you know this marriage thing came from God, and that is why whenever people are getting married vows are made in front of God.

This is like a promise to honour and respect your partner whatever the circumstances and just like any other promise it should be kept. There is no point of getting hitched if you know too well you won’t stay loyal to your partner.

You are a married man drinking in a club, you decide to hit on a young chile and yet you left your wife at home.

There is no excuse for this, you are just a horny man who chooses to disrespect his wife. Nobody forced you to get married, you had all the time in the world to fool around when you were single.

When you got married, you chose to be with that one woman and be loyal to her as long as you will be with her.

Young girls of this Weetabix generation are so impatient, they love success and stability and don’t wanna work for it.

So instead they spread their legs in exchange for the finer things in life, this is their shortcut to money.

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Married men send the upkeep money, pay rent, and take them for shopping sprees just for casual sex.

Young girl if you are smashing a married man just know you are ruining somebody’s marriage, that man is somebody’s dad and husband.

You want to break up a family just because you are too lazy to grind for your own cash?

I have never been against people sleeping around, who cares anyway- apart from the good Lord who frowns against fornication – but if you decide to get married and commit to one partner please try and keep your vows.

If you have not reached that stage then have sex every single day for all I care, it’s your life so live it your way!

Kenyan Sponsors vs MafisiEverybody is responsible for their actions, pointing fingers won’t help anything. Married men, young girls both are on the wrong, it is not that they can’t have sex, the timing is just awful, they should have done it before he put a ring on another girl.

While I believe that we should all take responsibility for our actions, I also tend to agree with Kamene. Men should protect and respect their families, their future now lies in your hands and it’s up to you to make sure your wife and kids are happy.

These girls love money which you have, give your wife the money instead of letting another girl chop it.

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SponsorsMen have the power to break this cycle, just stop being too generous with your money and these young girls will leave you alone. You can’t give them the one thing that keeps them ticking so they walk.

If you still think what I am saying is irrelevant then imagine you are the married woman and your man is sleeping around with other women.

The picture isn’t cute and cuddly huh?

Keep off married men and if its money you want then ask your parents for it or better yet get a job!

Men, it makes no sense for you to get married then cheat on your wife, respect that marriage. If you know it’s hard for you to remain loyal then just don’t even dare to propose to a girl, continue with your entanglements.

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