Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo on Friday night announced she was leaving K24, in a  surprise move that divided her fans.

Before joining K24, she had worked for KTN. Looking at her now it seems she might just decide to be an entrepreneur.

Here is why her sacking/resignation is a blessing in disguise.

1- She just opened her You Tube channel, that means she has more time to create content.

2-. She had already garnered 2 million followers on social media.

Although this does not translate to her followers automatically subscribing to her channel, majority will and that is all that she needs for now.

3- Betty is social

This means that she now has a chance to explore other things such as being a brand ambassador/influencer. She can also make a good MCee.

3- She has time to focus on her salon

Betty has had her salon’ Flair by Betty’ up and running for sometime now.

Now that she is not on our screens, she might have more time to invest in the business.

4- Betty will also have more time to spend with her daughter Ivanna, something most mother’s only dream of.

5- Being a travel enthusiast, she can now tour the world.

See, it’s not always a bad thing when you leave/loose your job.

It may tough at first but as they say the sun will always rise again.

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