The Queen of Ohangla Lady Maureen has been rejected by her family. After she was discharged yesterday from hospital, she had nowhere to go.

The mother says she is not able to give her proper care because she is elderly. However, in a past Mpasho interview, she hinted that Lady Maureen neglected them at the height of her career.

One of the well-wishers helping Lady Maureen gave an update on how Lady Maureen is doing after leaving the hospital.

Hon. Mike Peter Sirkal has opened up on Lady Maureen’s plight. Read his status update on his Facebook post.

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Lady MaureenGood evening friends. Allow me to clear the Air about lady Maureen. Since I left Kisumu after ensuring lady was admitted, I left her in the hands of Agwata Misinga the famous Luo comedian.

Later on the day, Agwata talked to me and told me because of job commitments he wasn’t able to be with Lady every day but at least he had given the task to someone.

I received a call from one of the lady’s working at JOOTRH named Grace (my contacts had been used as the next of keen during the time we were admitting her at JOOTRH) therefore all information about Lady was being channelled to me.

Later that day lady Maureen’s mum talked to Akothee and it’s at that particular moment that Akothee announced on her page about anyone who was willing to help take good care of lady Maureen.

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Lady’s mother also called me and told me to suggest the best person who would take care of Lady since she was also getting a bit tired so I advised Grace be allowed to take care of Maureen. (Grace had actually cared for Lady the previous night we landed in Kisumu, therefore, I saw her as the best option).

After some few days, I received a message from one Nancy (Facebook name: Nancy Motara Ochieng’) we talked with her and she said she is around Kondele they are taking care of Lady wasn’t going to be a hard task. Nancy and Grace have been the two ladies taking good care of lady at JOOTRH until today she has been discharged today (Tuesday, February 25, 2020).

When we reached JOOHRT the very night I registered the NHIF card of lady. She had actually paid for her card and it was valid till May 2020.

However, things like blood NHIF don’t cater for and therefore some extra cost had to be incurred.

Thanksgiving to Akothee who offered support to Lady Maureen until she would be out of hospital

Now, Lady Maureen was discharged today at around 10:40 am (she is at least stable. Her mother had refused to take her back home because of unsolved family affairs).

We have acquired a pay bill number to help lady settle her life as an outpatient. One of her cousins decided she will take lady as her child and will live with her in Nyakach Pap Onditi. As we speak lady is in pap Onditi Nyakach.

This is the true information regard it as have posted it. Those asking who I am to Lady Maureen. I Am a friend just like you are.

Paybill number: 8014049

ACC no: Your names.

You can send something to the paybill it’s with Lady herself and we used her details to register for the pay bill.

Let us support lady, she is ours.

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Here are comments from fans who wondered about Lady Maureen being deserted by the family.

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