Kobi Bryant

It is not a secret that the late Kobe Bryant loved to ride in his helicopter. It is something he had done for more than 10 years.

Below are reasons why unlike you and me, Kobe rode in choppers.

  1. He took a helicopter from Orange county where he lived with his wife and kids to his games.

2. He had suffered injuries in the past which made it uncomfortable to stay for long in traffic.

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3. Kobe also wanted to be able to spend more time with his kids.

4. He had in the past missed his daughter’s play and hence he did not want to miss anymore games/plays or family gatherings.

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5. Punctuality

He wanted to be punctual enough so as not to compromise on the quality of his game.

6. The helicopter took roughly 15 minutes hence Kobe could easily move to and from whenever he desired.

7. Kobe also offered the helicopter to his close family and friends whenever they were in a fix.

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