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Ever wondered why some people stay in toxic relationships until it is too late? Here are factors that might contribute to their decisions.

Parental influence

Some parents are very toxic and play a role in their kids staying in toxic relationships.

A woman may be going through abuse in her marriage but upon going back home she is asked to go back to her husband just because he is rich.

The parents are more worried over what they might lose than their daughter’s welfare.

Childhood trauma

Some people grew up in very toxic environments; with time they came to think that such things are normal.

That is why despite going through abuse whether sexual, physical or emotional they will chose to stay.

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Love for material and financial stability

We have all heard the phrase ‘Heri nilie kwenye Range Rover kuliko nicheke kwenye bodaboda’.

Some people are so afraid of being poor that they would rather cover bruises with makeup all their lives if they are living a posh life.

Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem is the biggest culprit when people stay in toxic relationships. Some men or women do not believe they deserve better hence opting to stay.


We have heard people say ‘He is a good provider, ooh he loves the kids, or how can I take my kids to a public school?’

Some women are manipulated into believing that once they leave the man will not provide thus they chose to stay in toxic relationships.

Whatever the case might be, never allow yourself to stay in a toxic relationship, life is too short na haina rehearsal.

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