The drama between fitness coach Frankie and his baby mama just seems to be getting bigger and messier. This was after he said she has denied him access to their kids.

In a recent social media post, Frankie went on to his social media to wish his son Lexi a happy fifth birthday.

He stated that he hoped his son would one day read his message to him as he could not be able to tell it to him directly.

I think Frankie’s post is just a way of playing the victim and here is why he should just man up and move on.

‘I have no access to you,’ Frankie pens emotional letter to son, says he’s barred from seeing his kids

He chose to go and date socialite Corazon Kwamboka

At some point in life things do not work out and people go their separate ways.

But Frankie humiliated his baby mama publicly by siring a baby with socialite Corazon Kwamboka just months they had parted.

Considering the drama going on and the fact that they are celebrities, I feel that Maureen has a right to protect her kids by keeping them away from their dad.

This is someone who did not value family and going by the timelines it looks like he was stepping out on his wife with Corazon and that led to friction in his marriage

Some might find this unfair but like they say the internet never forgets and I am sure Maureen just wants the best for her kids.

He cannot force a relationship with his kids yet he is not on good terms with their mum

Believe it or not even kids can see and feel the tension between their parents.

Frankie’s kids might look young but it’s only wise for their mother to protect them from a dad who thinks he can come and leave their lives as he wishes.

After all he has been sent for a lawyer’s letter on a parental agreement that outlines a schedule but he hasn’t responded. Parenting sio Instagram moment where once you capture it you are done. It is a lot of work.

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So instead of running to social media and crying foul about how his baby mama has denied him access to the kids.

Let him focus on his son with Corazon, he knew such a thing could happen when he decided to go and warm another woman’s bed.

Or he can have a meeting with himself and come up with a mature and grown-up way to communicate with his ex that doesn’t expose her to trolls and ridicule.  That is what a man would do.

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