Popular DJ Joe Mfalme is excited to be joining Home Boyz Radio after leaving Capital FM.

Speaking to Mpasho.co.ke, Mfalme said he cannot wait to take the next journey of his career.

“I’m always up for new challenges,” he said.

Mfalme joins Michael Waithaka and former General Manager Somoina Kimojino who have also joined the Radio Africa Group-owned station.

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In a statement, the celebrated mix master had announced that he had exited the uptown radio station after over 10 years of service. He said it an wasn’t an easy journey.

“That is the only place I have worked at apart from my TV shows and side gigs. It wasn’t easy but you know change has to be there.”

He admits that he was approached by other stations and only settled for Homeboyz since it matches his style and vibe.

DJ Joe continued,

“I just love good vibes. And that is what fans should expect with good vibes and great music. Homeboyz is the home for DJs. I was approached by many other stations but I Chose Homeboyz because the vibe and style messhes with my own.”

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Speaking about the music that has been trending, Mfalme says that for him it is about going with the flow.

“Music is very unpredictable and at times you don’t know the style that is going to come in next year. So my job as a DJ is to just do the research on music and go with the flow.”


“I’m just sailing with the flow. I’m just hoping this year musicians will have the same energy as what they did last year.”

He is set to start working in the station in February this year on the breakfast show.

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