A decade ago, Khaligraph Jones was a gospel musician.

“Around 2009, I started rapping professionally, after taking part in a rapping competition (Channel O) which I won but I did not have a passport or identity card then, because I was in high school,” Khaligraph Jones told Mpasho.

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He continued,

“Although I started rapping when I was a kid. I started with gospel music in 2004 I recorded my first song together with Hope Kid – we even formed a group. However, the first time I got on stage as Khaligraph Jones was 2008 at WaPi (Words and Pictures). That is where I launched my career as a rapper and that is when I dropped gospel music.”

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On why he stopped doing gospel, Khaligraph told Mpasho,

“I wanted to do something I wanted to do and not do it because of influence. I wanted to create my own path. At that time, where I came from, everyone who was an artiste was doing gospel. But I wasn’t comfortable and I did not want to ask people to lead a life that me, myself I wasn’t leading.”

Khaligraph added,

“I did not want to preach water and drink wine. If it gets to a point where in the future I get the calling, to serve the Lord, then definitely I will do that.”

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