If there is someone who has mastered the art of content creation then Jaymoh Ule Msee must be at the top of the list.

For him his big breakthrough did not come on a silver platter as he has had to work his way up, making all sorts of connections and taking risks in order to become a brand in the entertainment industry.

For him, he has had a number of door opening opportunities after so many struggles from selling his website to Nation Media Group to landing a job at the media house to his Jaymoh Ule Msee comic videos going viral and finally securing a job as a radio presenter.

For the chairman of team mafisi his journey started off with his friends by creating content online that did not do so well garnering 12 views on their first video.

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The second video led them to join a celebratory mood after garnering 50 views which to them was an achievement. He, later on, joined the university and managed to secure a job as a manager of a bar for some months while working as a broker as a means of survival.

The funnyman took a huge risk after getting a job of working in a bank through his mother’s connection and later on calling it quits on his birthday to create a website known as What’s Happening.

The move led to opposition by those close to him including his mother but thanks to his risk-taking nature the website did so well over time that led to his big breakthrough in 2011 where he and his friends sold the website to Nation Media Group.

Jaymoh was smart enough to negotiate on selling the website and at the same time getting a job in the company, a deal which worked perfectly.

Jaymoh then got wind of a competition calling for Google android developers in Africa and though he had no skills whatsoever in developing an app he found himself looking for people who could do it and that is where he landed at iHub who charged him Ksh 400,000 for the job, money in which he could not be able to raise.

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With his excellent negotiating skills he was able to work with the company as a marketer for their new product then later landed another position at NMG as the product analyst (digital) in the first year.

This was before getting promoted to a senior product analyst on the second year, by the third year, the content creator had comfortably secured the position of a brand manager in the media company on the digital sector as his eyes were still on getting into content creation.

While going about his busy schedule he came up with an idea of telling stories in a silly yet creative way and alas! Ujinga Sosa came to be in which he alongside his friends would shoot interviews on weekends and post online.

Ujinga Sosa paved a way for the mother of it all the famous Jaymoh Ule Msee content that took the internet by storm back in 2015.

The name Jaymoh was not even decided as they had chosen to go with Ule Msee then named the character of the story Jaymoh and that’s how Wilson Muirani became a household name to the extent of landing himself a job at Homeboyz Radio as one of the presenters.

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