Mombasa based artiste Kelechi Africana has talked about how he quit his teaching job after his employer duped him that he would raise his salary but did not.

He is currently flying high with his hit song, Ring.

Speaking during an interview with Mpasho Kelechi said,

I used to teach History, Islam and Kiswahili.

The school had promised that the teacher who would improve his class’s mean score would get a salary raise.

I did that but there was no salary raise that came so I decided to quit.

I had my own tactics but I can not go back to teaching. I would only go back if i was to  teach music.’

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Kelechi Africana

On how he has remained drama-free Kelechi added,

‘I am always working and when I am not I just chill and play PS.’

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Like every other artiste, Kelechi has had his fair share of embarrassing moments.

‘There is a time an artiste sent me a song so that I could listen to it and then give him feedback.

While chatting on a whatsApp group I accidentally sent the song.

Kelechi Africana

I immediately deleted the group and switched off my phone but people had already downloaded it.

It was however a  mistake not willingly intended.’

Below is his release called Superwoman. Also a banger.

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