Zari Hassan

Last year, Zari Hassan and hier five kids moved out of Diamond Platnumz’s mansion in South Africa. That mansion, she says is the only property the singer has in South Africa.

Her decision to move out was prompted by her break up with Diamond Platnumz in 2018.

Talking to Wasafi Media, Zari said that she felt so independent that she wanted to have a house under her name.

“I was at a point where I could buy another house and these are not the houses I own with my late baby daddy. I could have gone to those houses but I said no cause I could have bought another house”

“He knows I am renting that house and taking rent money. He bought it for the kids,” 

She also added that Diamond never kicked her out of the manison

“Even though we went to say different things on radio interview, he has never asked me to move out. The house is for the kids”

Zari has five properties in South Africa. The house she bought which is under her name, Diamond’s house that she is renting out and three mansions which her late baby daddy Ivan Ssemwanga left as an inheritance for the kids.

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