The couple in the past

Bongo heartthrob Diamond Platnumz is in Uganda, Zari Hassan’s home ground. There he was t pains to explain to his ex-in-laws what happened with their relationship.

Diamond was set to perform at the Comedy Store in Lugogo alongside Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi.

Defending himself, Diamond said his relationship with the Ugandan boss lady had hit rock bottom, and to protect her, he broke it off with her.

Diamond was speaking to the members of the fourth estate at Mestil hotel. He was asked about his infidelity when he was in a relationship with Zari.

‘You lost a queen you ended up with a joker,’ Zari’s family friend tells Diamond

“Children in our relationship with Zari is a blessing because everything comes from God, but talking about having other girlfriends here, l don’t think it’s allowed and l don’t want to bring a lot of trouble because I am trying to be a good man,” he said.

Diamond then went ahead to describe his life with Zari.

“Me and Zari had a good time and God blessed us with two kids and after, because of some reasons, we could not continue the relationship. It’s normal that sometimes things don’t work out in a relationship even after having kids and so this has to be taken in a positive way. We saw that this relationship won’t be good for our kids and this was the best thing to do,” he stated

The Kanyaga singer then went ahead to explain that his relationship with Zari was doomed from the get-go because they were both famous.

Question, isn’t he and Tanasha famous? Are they also doomed?

‘Smoking did not affect my child,’ Tanasha shouts

Diamond said, “In a famous relationship, there are a lot of things that come in every day and if you don’t know how to control them, they can take you out of the line.”

Adding, “But to me, l don’t think it’s good to talk about it so much because it’s nagging but what you need to know is that we love our kids and we try to be the best to them as much as we can.”

Zari in a recent interview with Miladr Ayo detailed his infidelity to the chagrin of the bongo star.

The couple holding each other

Anyhow, Diamond went on the record saying he is not ready to repeat the mistakes he committed with his previous lovers. His love for Tanasha will be protected.

“I am trying to be a better man, as you know she is expecting, I want to slay loyal to her, be the man she wants and now repeat the same mistakes I made before.”

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