Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

Radio personality Maina Kageni is still trying to overcome the shock of how Kenyans are living a fake life on social media just to impress others.

The Instagram era, which comes with filters has left Maina wondering how come everyone’s life seems so perfect.

Is it that I don’t know how to live? Everyone is travelling, everyone is. 

The happiness on my timeline is incredible. No one is annoyed and everyone is inspiring each other on social media.

If you go to Instagram every lady is beautiful, but how long can you live this lie?

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Maina adds,

You have filtered yourself to death, What happens when you meet people face to face.

The only time I see negative posts is when someone has lost a loved one and they open their heart.

Are you always on social media,do you look like a profile picture or that is how you inspire yourself?

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In conclusion, he says,

There are a lot of lies on social media on peoples lifestyles. Am I the one who does not know how to have fun? Why don’t we post our frustrations.

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