Akothee collapses on stage

Richest Kenyan artiste Akothee has been put on bed rest after collapsing on stage on Saturday night.

The Sweet Love hitmaker was in the middle of her performance at the Luo Festival in Kisumu when she fainted.

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Akothee’s daughters have expressed their heartfelt messages to her. Her firstborn daughter Vesha Okello, who was terrified after receiving the bad news of her mum fainting on stage, shared a touching post, which read;

So why do you like giving me stress like this Akoth I just feel like coming to Kisumu right now beat you up, tie you on that bed so that you can rest @akotheekenya but all In all, that was a great show @luofestival but please rest.,😭😭😭😭😭.

The singer’s thirdborn child, who’s currently based in France took to social media to beg her mother to take a rest.

I always wake up to “good morning mama, how was your night and all” but this morning I woke up to this 😭😭😭😭😭🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 it is so difficult not being around you mama. It was a lovely performance my love but i think we need to take a break for now. I am on the next plane to you @akotheekenya.

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Rue Baby, the artistes secondborn joined the bandwagon and asked her mum to take a rest so as to avoid suffering from fatigue again.

Wait this just dint happen 😭😭😭😭you need to rest mama please.

Fans of the singer have sent her quick recovery messages, with many calling upon her family and manager to have her put on bed rest for sometime.

letoya_johnstone This is so painful. I wish her quick recovery 💕❤️

lydiah Something has to be done very Quick😢😢she needs bed rest Kwa nguvu now🙏🙏🙏ooh God

brendanyadida Quick recovery madam boss

teresiakagendo Can someone whisk her away from where she will breath fresh air with no disturbance. Can she be grounded for some months for her health sake

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brendaletting She really needs to rest for two months or more it’s not worth it😥😥😥

evelyne_muthoni Quick recovery to her she sure as hell pushes the limits, quick recovery madam boss

margie.jewel Waah poleni, she really needs some time out

vinixvi Quick recovery to your mum. And yes I am sure u coming home will do her some good.

i_am_fierrrce So sorry dear. we wish @akotheekenya full recovery. She works so hard. May she take a break from work for a while to recover fully. Praying for her. She’s a great example of a hard-working single mom. We wish her well. Hugs

mantashaa I hope she is well @fancy_makadia She should take leave for now. Quick Recovery

kadzo_mudzo Wooiyee she needs to rest haki …. quick recovery madam boss

awitiphenny Oiiiiih. May mum get well soonest, what a great performance ❤️

salielady I think your mom need some break exactly. She is overeirking thats why and not sleeping enough. Sometimes money is not everything. She is tired.

jackline_bobo Quick recovery to your mama, I second you. She needs to rest just a littu bit

meghanpitsay Woi Akothee our president get well my prayers to you 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😢

benedictork Woooii I was asking myself why did she perform yet the other day she was from hospital???…. Madam boss rest please for some time..quick recovery

thequeenbee Hope she is ok! She needs to rest. She’s been working too hard!

cino20 Mungu wangu mtangulie akothee jaman

shiko_blessed You’re in my prayers madam boss