Singer Nameless was shaken deeply by his hospitalisation.

“I went through an experience in which I almost lost my life. As I come out of that condition, all I can think about is how precious life is, and how we take for granted the gift of life. Life is precious, and should be protected and respected,” Nameless revealed.

This experience inspired a socially conscious song titled Oh Why, ahead of the repeat elections.

This is the first music release is after his hospitalisation.

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Nameless assured fans, “I have finally been discharged from hospital and now I am recovering well at home. I want to thank you all for your prayers and concern..It’s important to clarify some details of what took me to hospital in the first place. Three weeks ago towards the end of a PRISK board meeting I was overcome by an extremely painful headache and neck pains. I knew this was not just any kind of headache and knew something was wrong because the pain was escalating at a very high rate. Thank God for my fellow directors Daddy Owen and Nonini who quickly dashed me to the nearest hospital.. I did a CT scan and was diagnosed with a life threatening situation called subarachnoid hemorrhage. This means some small blood vessels in the brain had ruptured and blood had leaked into the area between the brain and tissue and that was what was causing the intense headache. After a few more tests my doctor realized that fortunately my condition didn’t need surgery. What I needed was to be closely monitored in HDU and given the right medication to allow the leaked blood to dissolve, the raptured vessels to heal and the pain to be controlled. After about 2 weeks I was sent to the ward for a few more days of monitoring and pain management. I then did some MRI test that showed that there was no more leaked blood in the brain and that I could be discharge with some medication. Doc however advises me not to do any strenuous works or air travel for some weeks until I am fully recovered.”

NamelessThat said, Nameless is back now.

“Fam!!!… I know I am not supposed to be working 🙈🙈but I can share my new song, ama??!!!! I LOVE KENYA!!! SHARE SHARE THE POSITIVITY !! Link on my Bio!!! #ohwhy? #consciousmusic,” Nameless said.

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Nameless explained that the song was inspired by “David in the Bible, who asked God “ WHY DO YOU LET THE WICKED PROSPER WHILE YOUR PEOPLE SUFFER”. I too have questions that I find myself asking God…. And Im sure I’m not alone. This song “OH WHY?” is a conversation with God in which I struggle to understand the negativity we see around us, and in human nature, don’t understand. It is also a call for all to reflect on how we may have contributed to the problems and circumstances we find ourselves in, both individually and as a society and to do better by each other and Kenya, for our children and our children’s children.”

The legendary singer added “You may or may not know, but not too long ago, I went through an experience in which I almost lost my life. As I come out of that condition, all I can think about is how precious life is, and how we take for granted the gift of life. Life is precious, and should be protected and respected. God has blessed us with such a beautiful country, and our diversity and richness in culture should be celebrated, not used against us to cause division. We are going through hard times as a country. It is painful, confusing, discouraging, angering, disappointing and scary, regardless of whichever side of the political divide you support. I can’t confidently say I know what the right thing to do is at this point, but I just ask God to spread His blessing across this beautiful country, and to give guidance to our leaders and the people Remember: DONT LET EVIL CONQUER US, CONQUER EVIL BY DOING GOOD (Romans 12:21) and it shall be well. God Bless my beautiful Kenya.”

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Nameless released the lyric video titled Oh Why. Check it out below

Here are some reactions from music enthusiasts

Vivian Kenya: Deep!

Main Switch Studios: Awesome Jam. Very On Point… and definitely on time

Myshy lysh: Nimetoka wasafi tu sapot our own 😍! Nakesha hapa mpaka 10k views in 24hrs! It’s possible ryt Kenyans!

Michael Njenga: Such opportune song for a moment like this. Let’s not burn our motherland to get people to power.. Dont kill your neighbors on tribal bases

Ann Shiru: Waaaaaa …..karibu ulie…….why all these…..why can’t we love each other….. Ooh my God pity my mama land…

Bienaime Alusa Baraza: Realtalk. No life’s worth more than any other no sister worth less than any brother.

Hellen Alberts: As always good music with content to ponder on or get something from. You haven’t disappointed this is good good music 👌🏾

Raymond Kuria: Nice music Nameless..umeguza ndani kabisa bro…Oh Why Jehovoh!!tupendane sote!!Big up Bro!!always proud of u!!Bless

Eric Ngela: Awesome…Just what Kenya needs now. Questions go up, answers come down.