Anna Zambi being consoled by her aunty and grandmothers

Josefa Lyimo mother to the late Winfrida Lyimo has talked about the last conversation she had with her daughter before she perished.

Anna’s parents Grace Lington Zambi and Andrew Lington Zambi were killed in a flash floods alongside their three kids Lulu, Wilfrida and Baby Lington.

Speaking during an interview with Global TV the grief stricken grandmother said,

‘I have high blood pressure and heart problems so before we went to visit Anna at school I passed by a hospital and picked up my medication.

After that we went to school and presented her with a cake and she was very jovial.’

Anna Zambi being consoled by her aunty and grandmothers

Josefa added that sadly like her granddaughter she was not able to attend her daughter’s burial.

‘I did not attend the burial because I was informed that my daughter and her family were being buried that evening.

I live far from where they lived and I could not have made it.

She (Winfrida) was my fourth born.’

On their way home Anna could not help but ask for a phone to talk to her dad not knowing that he was already dead.

‘Anna kept asking for a phone so that she could speak to her dad but we told her that her dad’s phone had spoiled and we did not have his new number.

What hurt me the most is that I did not know what happened to my daughter and I did not even know anything about the burial.’ The grandmother added

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Joseffa added that she had talked to her daughter on the day that she and her family died in the accident.

‘I had talked to her that morning and she died later in the evening.

She had promised me that once Anna cleared school they would come and visit me for a whole month.

ThEir last born child was 1 year, three months old.

Why did God take all of them? Couldn’t he atleast have spared one of them?’

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