Chris Kirubi has revealed that not all his cars are driven by his drivers/chauffer. He specifically drives his Bentley which he bought in 2017.

Revealing why he does not let anyone else drive his Bentley during an interview with Churchill, Kirubi explained,

‘I drive it, If my driver drives this car he would go away and I would never find him.

But the car is insured, more than insured.’

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Chris Kirubi Bentley

Kirubi also explained that he learnt to save early as he grew up poor.

‘I grew up poor so I learnt how to save money.

I did not inherit any wealth, My parents died when I was very young.

Growing up was dramatic because I was sponsored in school.

I had very little confidence in my home and I went to different homes belonging to my friends.

I was brought up by many people.’

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Kirubi shared that being a successful businessman is a good thing but changing lives has been his biggest achievement.

‘I make money but money is not everything.

What matters is how many jobs we create, how many sponsorships we give and how many people I support.

Growing up I was very focused and I got promoted at a very young age that’s how I became who I am.’

His advice to young people.

‘Work hard and don’t take bribes. I do not trade with the government. There is a lot of business outside the government.’

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