Brenda Wairimu is sorry. The Sarafina Musical starring cast member did not make it for a few of the shows at Kenya National Theater.

Brenda Wairimu plays the role of Sarafina who is a young black South African struggling for freedom during the apartheid. While she has remained relatively silent in her opposition of the racist government in her country, the movement to make the language of Afrikaans the official language in her school leads her to protest in the streets with her fellow students. Her anti-government views become even more intense when her favourite teacher (played by Mkamzee Mwatela) is arrested for protesting.

The musical has been staged for three weeks and yesterday marked the last show. Brenda could not make it on stage on Friday and she took to social media to explain why.

Brenda Wairimu gave Elsie, her understudy, the chance to shine on the stage. From the feedback on social media,  Elsie played an amazing role.


I have really tried, but I’m still not well enough to do the show tonight. My understudy, Elsie, is amazing, and u guys will def enjoy the show, perhaps even more so!!!
That’s her in the green! 

Brenda made it for the last show that was on Sunday (22nd July) though she was still not strong. She asked her fans not to troll her too much and pardon her as she is still sick.

Auwi! Trouble in paradise! Have Juliani and Brenda Wairimu called it quits?


This is it! It’s the last day! And guess what, I will be back on stage for these two final shows😊
God is Good…and I am feeling much better. Still a little weak, so be kind hehe, I’ll see you there!!!

Meet Elsie, the girl who played as her understudy:

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