Getrude Mungai

S3xologist Getrude Mungai has demonstrated to women how the coconut s3x style is done.

The style is the lastest in town and women are trying it at home just to make their partners happy. But some arent’s doing it right.

Coconut style

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Getrude posted a video showing off how the style is done.

Women have reacted and below are some of their comments

Cynthia James It feels so good to sleep on your husband’s chest naked n just play with his mjulus…..its called “Coconut moment”

Chemutai Kurgat So sad that it is always a woman who is supposed to go through all these to make a man happy! How come we never hear or see such things for men???

Diana Sarah Does it mean her hubby has never cheated on her coz she’s very talented?? kiuriso tu …Noway I love my kidneys plz sitaki uterus yangu ihame

Annet Oprah I tried COCONUT but niliambiwa yangu ni groundnut and cashews. Where did I go wrong? 😭😭😭

Image result for gifs of coconut bursting

Anthonio Rodriguez The hubby must be very lucky…

Wanjiru Chege Am wondering is someone going to still cheat on me Ata nikimfanyia hizi magic zote?

Mercy Njenga If her man ain’t loyal the devil is around🤦‍♀

Chiby Audry Chibz Hii mimi siwezzani wacha nipambane na hali yangu

Nyokabi Nguku hapo moment of silence ni nini? U?

Amwayi John Hapa coconut coast Nili retire, just doing missionary work for God in ushago

Below is the video