Bahati's baby mama

Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura recently decided to tattoo her daughter’s name Mueni Bahati on her chest but not many like the idea.

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One of Yvette’s best friends, who featured on Saturday’s Being Bahati show alongside her told her to ‘move on!’. She insisted that Mueni’s mother should stop associating herself with Bahati, unless it’s something involving their child.

The lass, who seemed unhappy with her BFF’s tattoo, asked her why she chose to add another name and she replied:

Sijaandika jina ya Bahati. This is Mueni Bahati, not Kevin Bahati!

Yvette’s girlfriend told her:

I rather you would even get a Christmas tree than a name. And does the owner of the surname know that you’ve tattooed his name on your chest?

She insisted that she had moved on and the name belonged to Mueni.

Bahati's baby mama

Yvette’s friend was not convinced and went ahead to tell her that Mueni and Bahati are the names of two different people. She told her it would be better if she used her name (Yvanna Bahati) instead of adding the singer’s surname. Bahati’s baby mama confessed that the father of her daughter didn’t know about the tattoo.

So you think he will smile if he sees the tattoo?’ Yvette’s friend posed.


In case you get a boyfriend and he sees your ex’s name tattooed on your body what will happen? Or if you get another child, will you get tattoos of their names including the father’s surname? Si utajaza kifua na surnames!

The single mother of one, who’s currently dating responded to her friend saying:

I have a fiance and if we’re blessed with a child, I  will still get a tattoo of our baby’s name.

Yvette’s friend had tough questions for her and she went ahead to ask:

Do you think Bahati would do the same? Get a tattoo Mueni Yvette on his body? Move on? It’s been years now. You’ve been in relationships after breaking up with Bahari but haven’t seen you get a tattoo. Who will date you with Bahati’s name on your chest?

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The angry Yvette asked her friend if she wanted to date Bahati and he denied her a chance, and her friend, who didn’t like the comment savagely responded:

Mtu mnabreak up unalia ni mimi nilikuwa there for you then unakuja kuandika Mueni Bahati! Kwani angekurudia? Bahati is married what about if his wife (Diana Marua) sees the tattoo?

Yvette Obura told her:

Breakups are normal, We all cry. But anyway, nishaandika (I already got the tattoo).