Nairobi D was the one show that changed Kenyan reality show production.

It was introduced to us on K24 and it was something completely different from what we are used to. Reality shows are something we see abroad. The best being all the Love and Hip-Hop series.

Kenya tried to copy the idea of Love and Hip Hop but I guess it became too much for her. The idea drew Kenyans attention and we loved all the drama.

Nairobi Diaries cast
Nairobi Diaries cast

Jane Mwaluda was smart enough to select a diverse casts that included known and unknown actresses.

As the show grew in popularity so did the actresses.

Just like Love and Hip-hop, the casts are usually people we knew back in the day, we lost touch with them and because they want to gain relevance back to their fans, Love and Hip Hop was the est platform.

Nairobi D was the same, it incorporated Vera, Mustafa, Prezzo, Sylvia Njoki and many other famous people who needed to gain relevance. Some of them stayed and some could not handle all the drama and decided to leave.

Now let us chambua who gained something from that fame and who gained nothing from all the fame.


  1. Bridget Achieng who is now an actress in Nollywood. Other than that she has a large following on social media to a point when she hosts in the club, guys come out in large numbers.
  2. Mishi Dora. We had no idea who she was until Nairobi D made her famous. Now she is a brand ambassador and appearance price has gone up.

Bridget Achieng3. Despite the fact that Risper Faith was famous for what her mama gave her, she gained a large following which she then used to open and promote her business with her husband, Brian. The two have a wines and spirit cum bar as well as selling beauty products.

4. Noti Flow was given a platform for her to make a come back in the music industry so she gained more fans.

Noti Flow5. Molly started a bag business after all the fame she got. We had no idea who she was but with the fame, her business might just grow to a bigger brand.

6. Ellah made it to be a TV show host on Ebru TV.


  1. Stacey Pendo has been there ever since the first episode and from all the fame, she has not been able to start something or improve on anything, she is still the same as she first started out on the show.
  2. Newscast members,  Trap King, Maya and Barbie just gained bruises from that show.
  3. Michele Yola also left with nothing but we are proud to announce she is a mother who now lives in Paris.

4. Aliiptsam just gained fame and she has not used it to do anything. All she gained was trolls because of her poor grammar.

5. We thought having Mustafa and Prezzo would earn them views and concerts when they drop a new jam, but they have lost their following. Mustafa just gained the title’ lipunda’

Risper Faith6. Brian gained nothing because Risper took all the fame and made good use of it.

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