Wendy Waeni

Wendy Waeni is the little Kenyan girl who is known for her acrobatic skills. The 11-year-old acrobat has won the hearts of many including Rwandan President Kagame, DP William Ruto among other top leaders and dignitaries in the world. Wendy, an ordinary girl from Huruma slums has risen from grass to grace and she has a huge fanbase compared to some of the local celebrities.

Wendy Waeni

The gifted acrobat is most of the times at events performing and this has always left Kenyans with more questions than answers.

  1. What time does she go to school, study and even sit for exams?

2. Who and where is her mother? She is always in the company of her manager Joe Mwangi alias Mwas

3. How much does she make from gigs? Is her manager accountable for it? Does she have a bank account where all the money is deposited so that in future she doesn’t suffer after all this hardwork?

4. Is someone using Wendy Waeni to make themselves rich?

5.Is there something fishy going on that Kenyans don’t know?

These are just some of the questions Kenyans are asking but too bad, no one can answer them.

Wendy Waeni

Wendy is one of the most influential kids in Africa but her shining star might be dimmed soon and she may be forgotten. I’m saying this after what her manager did. A day ago, Mwangi took to social media (using Waeni’s account)  to attack celebrated radio industry heavyweight Jalang’o, claiming that he owes Wendy Sh.4,500.

“Jalang’o when are you paying my Ksh 4,500 that you ran away with when i was still struggling in this industry..??,
Incase you have forgotten Let me just remind you that on that day you almost made us walk from mombasa rd to Huruma.
Hii dunia ni ndogo sana. Before jumping to comment on my posts you would have rem what you did sometimes back…!!” read Waeni’s post.

This post went viral and elicited mixed reaction, with the likes of local showbiz bigwigs such as Chris Kirwa commenting. He lashed out at Waeni’s manager and told him to swallow his pride and apologise for earlier remarks he had made about Kenyan celebrities.

Wendy Waeni

Kirwa told Mwangi to tread carefully or else he was going to ‘kill’ his career.

Well, we called Jalang’o for a comment on Wendy Waeni’s story and he denied claims that he owes the young acrobat money.

“Joe Mwas Mwangi asked for an interview on Radio Maisha when I was still there and I gave them a chance. All went well and after a few weeks, Waeni’s manager begged for an interview on my show Jalang’o with the money (which is over now)and I agreed. Before they came Mwas asked me to give them money for their cab fare to the show and the producer of the show sent him Sh.5,000 on Mpesa.

After the show, Wendy’s manager demanded another Sh. 5,000 for cab fare back home but this time round, he was not given but they organised transport for them. I was not meant to give out money apart from those who were participating,” Jalang’o told Mpasho.

Mwangi has been criticised heavily online and many have called upon the government; the ministry of sports and culture to do something before Wendy Waeni’s talent is ‘wasted’ due to greedy individuals.

Wendy Waeni

‘Someone needs to save Wendy Waeni,” concluded Jalang’o.

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