The Kenyan music industry is growing by the day.
With the growth comes a lot of competition as each and every artiste tries to make a mark.
Gone are the days when musicians would compete on musical prowess.
Today the competition has rolled over to fashion, where both secular and gospel artists compete with each other on looks, image and who has the latest designer product.
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The gospel music industry happens to harbor a number of individuals whose sense of fashion is out of this world.
Willy Paul and Bahati are well known for this.

Willy Paul is well known as a contemporary gospel music artist and a songwriter. He was named the male artist of the year at the 2013 Groove Awards. He has done amazing singles like Controller, Sitolia, Kitanzi and Fanya.

When it comes to stylish formal swag, Willy Paul has it. The hitmaker is notably one of the best dressed Kenyan celebrities. He knows how to match colour at different occasions.

Bahati is also a gospel artist who has released a number of hit songs and boasts of a large fan base in the country.
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He first made headlines in 2012 as a new kid in the entertainment industry and has gone onto join the big leagues.
Besides this, he also knows how to keep up with the latest fashion trends. He always steps out looking stunning with a different style, every single time.
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The question most people are asking however, is who dresses better between the two.
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