A certain white man is called Peter Gessler is one tired man. Why would he be so weary? The man lives in Mombasa and is an entrepreneur who deals in solar energy.

The man is frustrated with the number of Kenyan ladies that have been inundating his Facebook page messages seeking him out.

He explains his dilemma on his Facebook page detailing how he had started receiving a lot of friend requests on his Facebook page after sharing a few business adverts.

His problem, you see, is that 90% of those requests came from Kenyan ladies. And what would they be seeking from him, you may ask? Were they interested in his solar panels?


These women desire the older gentleman and have even declared their undying love for him!

It has gotten so bad that he has even received a marriage proposal from one of the ladies! Don’t forget that the man is already married.

The problem has been compounded by the fact that his own friends are also being disturbed in a similar manner.

His issue is, the friends are been harassed because these ladies are contacting people Peter already knows and thus he is to ‘blame’.

Peter was so shocked at the desperation displayed by Kenyan women that he even asked as he concluded his long diatribe,

Ladies is it that bad? Should I now consider to quit my solar business and start a ‘get your white man and be a millionaire’ dating business? You tell me. Have a great day!

Read his full post below:


His post-on-Facebook
His post-on-Facebook: Photo Credit/Urbannews254

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