B-club pool party

The Roysambu Nigerian community is in a crisis at the moment. “Where will we go to spend out hard mearned money ooo?”

A few weeks back, NEMA shut down a local Naija haven in the name of Noise pollution. Local Kenyan Naija boys known for wearing socks-less loafers and skinny jeans were not impressed. “We are building the economy” said one Oluwafemi. It is a well known fact that Naija boys are high spenders at out clubs much to the envy of Kenyan men.

“Mi ninefurahi hawa manaijo hawana place ya kutuibia mabibi”. Gone are the days when girls used to cry over a break up with Ice cream. Now they just go to B-club and hava a Naija man pouring Hennessy down her throat.

Campus girls were stranded too “Sasa tutafanya nini hii weekend” said one Njoki. Campus girls are the target market for Naija bys for one reason; they are not selective when it comes to men. “Oluwa always has money and buys us drinks… those guys aren’t stingy like Kenyan men” said one girl who chose to stay anonymous.

One thing is for sure, he longer this ban goes, the more club owners will suffer from the lack of questionable Naija men funds.

Kenyan men welcomed the move to ban the club as they see the competition with Naija men as unfair. Campus girls have now been forced to attend all their classes and spend time in the libraries thus settling for the average Kenyan student who is broke. The Naija men have now been forced to drink Hennessy in their apartments hosting house parties. “We are not used to cheap Henny” said one Umfunfweke.

Kilimani residents are the happiest because they can finally get a solid 8 hours of sleep without interruptions and worrying about drunken car accidents.