The last time we saw either hide or tail of her, she was shopping at a Gucci store. Before that, she had burst onto the scene and into the limelight simply because she had refused to pay her bills.

After that fiasco, Mpasho paid her bills and we thought she would be a star seeing as she was handed the opportunity to be the next big thing on Kenyan radio but she opted out of that awesome possibility.

Next, she was gallivanting all across the globe. And a quick look at her social media accounts revealled a high flying life -one that inspired awe especially from those who were smart enough to question how she could afford it all.

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After nearly a year of complete silence, it is time to ask the question; “Where is Laura Oyier?”

The attention loving lass hasn’t been heard from in nearly 44 weeks and for a lass who had ventured into business, selling her branded water for 800/-, this is strange indeed.

Have you seen her? Do you know where she is? Perhaps cooling her heels in a prison cell abroad after a dine and dash misadventure? Or perhaps she decided to become a mule for some sort of contraband?

Maybe she met and secretly wed some rich sponsor and is currently lapping life up in the lap of luxury? Perhaps she is working on some sort of comeback behind the scenes? Only time will tell.