Losing a loved one leaves a void no one can fill. Mombasa based widower, Dan Sonko, who lost his wife during child delivery has been sharing a lot of emotional posts about his life as a single father.

‘I Know We Shall Reunite Someday,’ Dan Sonko Pens Down Emotional Letter To His Late Wife As He Shows Off The Two Beautiful Kids She Left Behind (PHOTOS)

Dan Sonko’s second born child turned six months a few weeks ago and he penned a tear-jerking letter explaining how he lost his wife leaving many emotional.

“Exactly 6 months ago on this date, our world took a downward spiral…
From what was an awesome Saturday night with friends to having to rush to hospital at 1am…
From bursting out in laughter over dinner to calling people in the dead of night overwhelmed by confusion, sadness and fear.

Here we are today….
#D1 is his usual happy self
#D2 is growing at an unbelievably fast rate
I need to make sure they progress well and that their growth is steady and consistent.

I have learnt more about managing a home in these past 6 months than I ever did.
My Baby was a Superwoman. Women are Superheroes…..and my Mom must be their Head Coach!

There are moments where it is too much
There are moments where loneliness dominates
There are moments where I question God
There are moments where I want to give up

This is not what we had planned
This is not how this script was supposed to have played out
This is not where we were supposed to be at this point in our lives.

Through it all, I choose to exalt His name.
Through it all, I choose to #CelebrateDru
Through it all, I choose to be the best I can be for my 2.

Life is not guaranteed.
It is not in the longevity of life but rather the quality of life in that time that we have been given.

I thank God for you Babes.
Our 4yrs 9months and 8days of Marriage and a couple more as Friends, Bestfriends, Prayer Partners, Lovers, Companions…..
I cherish every moment – the lows n the highs, the fights n the make ups, the losses n the successes.

I can go on n on n on….
I miss you…. #CelebratingDru

In another post he wrote;

“My son, you turn 6 months today…
I see you as a Miracle child…
Your arrival was not in the best of situations…
Your chances at the instant you arrived were deemed very thin…
Yours is a testimony of victory.”

The father of two, who was left with no option but play both the motherly and fatherly role to his sons, says life hasn’t been easy without his late wife. He says at times he feels like throwing in the towel but again he remembers that he and his sons have come a long way.

“Whenever I feel low….
Whenever I feel like I can’t move on…
Whenever I feel like throwing in the towel… I see these 2….my 2
I see how far we’ve come
I see how full of life you are

I feel rejuvenated
I feel the drive to see you grow
I feel the push to trudge on through

Thanks to you, I have grown stronger
Thanks to you, I have grown patient
Thanks to you, I have learnt so much in such a short time.

Hope, Trust, Faith and Love have kept us going.
God’s got this so we got this!”

He wrote accompanied by this photo of his sons

Dan Sonko

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