Mpenzi Chokuu and Tanasha

Germany based Kenyan man Mpenzi Chokuu christened the sexiest Kenyan gay has advised women not to tolerate toxic relationships.

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Using Tanasha Donna as an example, Chokuu advised women not to entertain wife batterers, men who cheat on them and disrespect them.

‘There are some of you ladies that are staying in toxic relationships simply because you’re scared of being sl*t-shamed for dating a new person. You’re worried about your body count. Look around you, do men look like they are worried about bodycount? Bodycount was a concept introduced to shame women for mimicking the sexual behaviour of the average man. I’m here to tell you that your body count doesn’t matter,’ she wrote in part.


‘I will gladly break up with a hundred men if I realized that they don’t have sense or make me extremely unhappy. I cannot be shamed with something as useless as bodycount. These are some of the ways that the patriarchy teaches you to stick with nyoforidho. Move on from that trashy man. Move on from that lying, cheating rat. Move on from that man that makes you extremely unhappy. Move on from that man that batters you regularly. Don’t hesitate!! Leave him And never feel guilty about it. Borrow a leaf from @tanashadonna.’

Chokuu went ahead to warn women who date Tanzanian men to be very careful and always use protection.

‘When you’re having s3x with a Tanzanian man kindly use protection! Thank me later,’ she posted.

In March this year, Tanasha broke up with her baby daddy and revealed that infidelity was the main reason.

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