Stephie Muigai
Stephie Muigai during her wedding at Fuschia gardens, Limuru

There is a new relationship status in town and people can’t seem to accept the situation on the ground with many opting to hide their head in the sand.

It’s about ‘missing persons’ in marriage.

This is a situation in which you are living with someone but they are no longer available emotionally, sometimes financially or even sexually.

It’s when married couples exist individually despite living in the same house.

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Such circumstances occur when one partner betrays the other in most cases through infidelity or through abuse.

Here is what Kenyans had to say on the weird marriage setup

‘If you forgave a man for straying his love for you will increase but for a lady it never does.She stays just to get an exit plan.’

*Rodgers added,

‘Men also forget when women cheat. A woman cheated on me and I stayed with her for 16 more years.

She still went back to that guy So I left’

*Kendi narrated,

‘I am living with a man but I am a ‘missing person’

I was pregnant at 6 months and now the baby is 2 years. I saw texts with another woman on how she enjoyed their intimacy sessions.

We are together just to bring up our child but I do not trust him anymore,I still get him with other ladies.

Ladies stay  because of kids just so that they can get fatherly love. When I ask him for something for myself he never provides

But when the kids ask he does provide so ‘Missing persons’ in marriage do exist.’

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