What do you do when you stop loving your husband or wife? Do you walk away or do you continue living with them and pretend everything is OK?

Some people have gone to the extent of shifting houses because they could not stand seeing their spouses.

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Below are some of the heartbreaking narrations by a Kenyans who said,

‘I had to walk out and buy another house, I could not stand her.’

Weighing in on the same issue, Jalango told his Kiss FM co-host, Kamene Goro,

‘It’s sad when you cant walk out because you are afraid of how you will start life afresh without your spouse.

You look at your partner and realize he/she is not the person you thought they were.

Three kids later you wake up everyday to a person you do not want to live with but you can’t leave.’

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Another listener, *Racheal called in and shared,

‘I resent my husband.

Nowadays he does not sleep at home, he goes and comes back the next day and when he does he is stinking of alcohol.

As if to appease me he brings flowers and other gifts but I cannot stand him anymore. The breaking point was when I saw him with the same clothes he had on Sunday.

Mark you this is a man I used to fight other ladies for in clubs. I cannot stand his touch. I am very disappointed in myself.

I wonder what I saw in him and why I am with him after all this while’

Have you ever been in a relationship where you no longer love your spouse? Did you leave or did you stay and why?

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