Size 8

Size 8 and her husband DJ Mo are a perfect match made in heaven. They have been together for seven years and blessed with two kids.

They serve us couple goas but behind the smiles and social media glamour, they go through ups and downs. Speaking about the first stages into their relationship on their Dine with the Murayas show, the mother of two said,

when I met him [DJ Mo] people wrote him off because he was a deejay trying to create his brand.

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Their lives were very different but Size 8 didn’t lose hope.

‘When we were getting married I wasn’t very comfortable because he was living in a house of Ksh13,000 while I was living in a house where I used to pay Sh33,000 for rent. Nyumba yake haikuwa na toilet ya kukalia. ilikuwa ile ya kashimo na choo na bafu ni same. he never had a microwave…he was driving a smaller car than mine,’ she revealed.


in my private chamber, God had told me he was going to be someone of wealth. Hata social media niliambiwa nimeoa DJ nikue video vixen.

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The gospel artiste also said she was thankful to God for being faithful to her.

I realised he had potential and wasn’t going to stress him with a big wedding because he couldn’t afford it by then. Fast forward seven years now, I ask him for pocket money. God is faithful.