Have you ever been in a relationship then your partner started ghosting you? All of a sudden they become busy to even receive your text?

Well, you are not alone. When that happens just know that the relationship might be on its death bed.

Below are signs that a man/woman is no longer interested in you.

He/She no longer pick your calls

Remember when you started dating and your partner would pick up your call at the first and second ring?

Now that the relationship is over and done with your phone calls are no longer picked and when they return the call they do so hours later.

When that happens anza kujitoa pole pole.

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When he/she no longer has time for you

When your partner becomes too busy for you, all of a sudden but creates time for other people, run and never look back.

There is nothing as painful as watching your bae go on road trips with other people yet they can’t create time for you just to know you are in the relationship alone.

When you say I love/miss you and they never respond

When such happens just know his/her feelings are long gone just like the remains of freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi.

So just pick up the pieces and move on.

When they no longer include you in their plans or ask for your opinion.

If you bae would initially ask for your opinion or include you in their plans and then suddenly stop, know they are getting it from someone else.

When she is no longer interested in you sexually

When a man or a woman is no longer interested in you sexually just know that they might be getting it elsewhere.

All though not in all instances, the highest chances are they have found a ‘new’ gold mine.

What are the other signs that you have been ghosted on by your bae?


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