The siblings of Susan Njeri who was shot by her cop hubby, constable Stephen Kimani of Molo police station have spoken out and cleared some misconceptions.

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The brother says that Susan and Stephen were married for over 7 years, and they had two children. The first born died a few years back and their remaining child, a boy, is now 5 years old.

He also said that the shooting had nothing to do with a love triangle but admitted that he had no idea that the relationship between Susan and her hubby was this acrimonious.

“Ninaishi mbali na hao sikua najua wako na issues hivi,” he told journalist outside Nakuru police station after they received the news of the shooting. 

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relatives get emotional after hearing the news of Susan Njeri's death
Dorcas Wangui is comforted by relatives after hearing the news of Susan Njeri’s death

Susan’s sister Dorcas Wangui narrated how she was shot.

Apparently according to Dorcas, Susan had reported threats on her life last week at Central Police, CID and even in Molo where her hubby worked.

Eventually the “OCS was instructed not to give him a gun. We don’t know how he got the gun.”

She added, “We did not know they had a huge dispute of this magnitude. Susan ni mtu wa kuvumilia mambo. So if they had a dispute we did not know. She was in college and was expected to graduate in December.”

Susan was studying Sales and Marketing in a Nakuru College.

Dorcas then went ahead and narrated how the shooting took place, based on what she was told by Susan’s neighbours who witnessed the incident.

“When they start arguing and fighting the child ran out of the house, crying and went to the neighbours. then heard they gun shots. They were afraid to get into the house.”

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Here is a video of the relatives when they found out that Susan was no more.

May she rest in peace.