Kathy Kiuna

A lot has been said about Reverend Kathy Kiuna. A whole lot. But how well do you really know her?

Kathy is the co-founder of the Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) that started in 1999 with hubby and apostle Allan Kiuna.

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Here are some things about Reverend Kathy that may interest you.

She studied to be a secretary

Watu hutoka mbali. Kathy’s vocational training was as a secretary. I can bet you that her typing and shorthand skills are super impressive.

Before getting her calling to be a reverend, Kathy worked as a secretary and had attended the Queensway Secretarial College for her diploma. 

Protective mother of her three beautiful kids

Kathy is the proverbial Mama Bear. She is the mother of Vanessa, Stephanie and Jeremy. Don’t mess with her litto cubs if you don’t want to get mauled.

Evidence of this was seen during her daughter’s wedding where she took control of organising it. Wueh! Haungeingia huko bila invite.

Married to Allan Kiuna, she wears the Mrs Allan Kiuna name-tag with pride. You should read the little sweet messages they leave each other on social media.

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Kathy Kiuna

I bet you did not know that Kathy Kiuna can belt out chunes. Well, she has recorded a number of singles to her name like Mapambo, Thank You, and Arise.

Kwanza, if you are a bedside baptist typa christian – the kind that watches Sunday morning TV sermons as a substitute for going to church – you have seen her take the lead during praise and worship sessions during the broadcast of the church services.

An associate pastor and zealous Christian

Hakuna mtu anapenda Jesus kama Kathy. Her testimony has been told and retold.

She is currently the Associate pastor at the JCC church and the brains behind Daughters of Zion Ministry.

When she hits the pulpit, the devil trembles. Don’t mess with her, she know the Word inside and out. As a zealous Christian, she ignores all those stories about not wanting poor people in her church and welcomes all to come worship and be part of the holy flock.

Nothing brings her down. Her focus is on God.

‘You Need An Appointment To Visit My House,’ Declares Reverend Kathy Kiuna

Stylish grandma

Kathy Kiuna has embraced her first grandchild with sooo much enthusiasm. However, you should all note that she doesn’t refer to herself as grandma, but “Glamour”. Mzee ni wewe.

Kathy has flooded her timeline with photos of her granddaughter, Nia Gizelle Kiuna Kovac, for all to see.

The dotting “Glamour” has taken each and every available opportunity to show her off on her social media platforms.


Kathy lives her life the way she pleases. Everything she does spells extravagance with a capital ‘E’.

From how she dresses, to her makeup, to her shoes, the cars she drives and above all, her jet setting ways.

You just need to check her social media pages to see where she has travelled to. Kathy believes that she is enjoying the blessing of God, after all, there was a time when she went without a roof over her head to living in a mansion in Runda.

Extravagance is her middle name and she is unapologetic. Deal with it.

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Good golfer

Golfing is said to be a reserve of the rich and mighty. At golf courses, serious deals have been brokered.

But for Kathy, word has it that she is hooked to golfing whenever she is free. It is believed that she is also a very good golfer.

Kenyans on tweeter were miffed when they saw a photo of Kathy and Allan Kiuna in a golf course in Pretoia, South Africa.

The post that went viral saw Kenyan point fingers at the couple accusing them of living extravagantly while their flock can barely afford a vacation within the Kenyan brodas.


Kathy has penned books from her experience as a motivation speaker and personality.

Her experiences as a servant of Christ are detailed in the books. The books also use the gospel to encourage and uplift readers.

Some of her recent releases include Marriage Works and Transformed Woman.

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