Kawira actor

Actress-cum-pastor Joy Furaha Kawira is among the parents who’ve lost a child.

The former Papa Shirandula actress together with her husband Pastor Ephy Saint, welcomed triplets in 2017 but unfortunately one of them passed away.

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The couple was left with a bill of Ksh3.5 million and were able to clear with the help of well-wishers.


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Well, Kawira has called upon well-wishers to help a friend’s son, who’s hospitalised at a local hospital to raise money to offset a bill of Ksh 12 million. She used her situation as an example.

When I think about what I went through 2 years ago, I just kneel down and tell God to please remember the people who are in a similar situation or worse. In that spirit, my heart goes out to Baby Andy (My Friend’s son) who is still at Gertrude’s hospital. The bill now is 12M and still counting. Your prayer and support will go along way. Paybill no. 805055🙏🙏,’ she posted.

Below are photos of Baby Andy at Gertrude’s hospital

Baby Andy
Baby Andy hospitalised at Gertrude’s hospital and needs 12 m to clear his medical bill

Baby Andy