Adisa Lugaliki Doreen

Dr Adisa Lugaliki Doreen will be laid to rest today at her rural home in Ndalu Scheme, Bungoma County.

The 39-year-old mother of twins was the first Kenyan medical practitioner to succumb to Covid-19.

Dr Adisa Lugaliki

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Dr Elizabeth Wala, a close friend to Dr Adisa paid an emotional tribute to her.

It has taken me more than a day to process the death of a very dear friend and colleague, Dr. Adisa Lugaliki. I have cried all the tears. I have asked myself hard questions. I have wondered if the system failed you. The same system that I strive to improve.

You have died doing what you do best, helping women and girls have a better sexual and reproductive health life. You championed for them. You freely gave. You told us, “Life is for the living.” And live you did.

And then on Wednesday evening you sent us your last message, “The soldier has fallen. I am being intubated. I have Covid-19.” as you went into ICU, never to wake again.

When I saw your body double bagged, ready to be sealed, I broke down. I couldn’t process.

Covid-19 has stripped us of a friend, a colleague, a mother, a beautiful soul. With your death being the first Kenyan doctor to succumb to the virus, I pray that this will not be in vain. That Healthcare workers’ welfare will be given the priority it needs by the government and other decision-makers.

Go well, my friend, my fellow multiple mom, my fellow woman who rose above the ashes to rise in her career. You were loved. You were cherished. You will be missed,’ read her tribute.

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Diana Chebet, one of the late Dr Adisa’s clients mourned her and in moving tribute, she wrote,

Inauma sana! I remember Doreen, Dr. Adisa Lugaliki, she took me through my prenatal times. One day we walked to her clinic with my partner, who really wanted to know the gender of the baby…Adisa smiled and asked him, “what gender do you expect?” My partner expressed how much he would love to have a son for a first born, Adisa laughed and told him, “You! You will get a girl for a firstborn, she will be a strong woman and a politician like yourself and she would do anything that a son would have done”

So she examined me to know the gender, him standing close beside her to see, then boom! “Its a girl” she said. Adisa and I laughed so hard, my partner still not contented, he asked “Doc are you able to change the gender? She is just 4 months pregnant! We laughed so hard again🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Adisa, if you can hear me, he is so happy to have Cherotich, our daughter. She is his heartbeat. He reminds me frequently, “see what I would be missing if Adisa was able to change the gender” and we laugh silly 😂😂😂😂. My partner was so broken when he heard of your death. Rest in Peace beautiful, till we meet again.

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