Media personality Willis Raburu is a funny man.

In a candid interview with MC Jessy on YouTube, he revealed how he gave his life to Christ.

While narrating about that, he divulged that his mummy came to his aid when he needed help understanding his adolescent body changes.

“My dad, Peter Otieno Raburu is still is a strict disciplinarian. He called us  and told us to recite the prayer to get saved. The first time when we got saved I was 7 years old. We did not have a choice.”

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He continued,

“I found out later as now I was growing and things were changing, public hair and things like that…”

Willis than diverted from the story and retold a short anecdote of how he reacted when he spotted the first sproutings of pubic hair.

“By the way when I got my first round of pubic hair I ran to my mum because I thought I was sick. I told her ‘Mama ona ahhh stuff is growing from my peepee’. I was so scared.

Willis regaled MC Jessy with the tale adding,

“She told me don’t worry. More will grow. I was like ‘More will grow? From my peepee?'”

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Moving on from that tale, Willis explained that later he grew up and learned more about his relationship with Christ.

“When I got to class 7 and 8, that is when I started finding out for myself about who is this Jesus. I read the Bible for myself. then I rededicated my self to Christ.”

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