When someone reads your WhatsApp and doesn't reply
When someone reads your WhatsApp and doesn't reply

If you are ambitious in your basic courtship rituals, you have probably been blue ticked on WhatsApp. Today we are going to decipher the subtle meanings behind the infamous blue tick. We have all blue ticked someone at some point in our lives. It’s a prerequisite for being an adult.

Why decipher it? Good question.

When you get to understand why something has happened, it is way easier to move on to the next opportunity. So, what are the different meanings of the infamous blue tick on WhatsApp?

  1. I gave you my number so that I could finally end the conversation”.Everyone has a right to choose whom they want to engage in conversation with. Sometimes you are given a number out of politeness but with a mental note of “I’m definitely not going to reply to that” and its okay. Not everybody likes you. Your name isn’t Nutella.
  2. Pursue me so that I can feel good about myself but I won’t reply”. The truth is, not all of us are at the same maturity level. Some people just like to be pursued to get that feeling of “Huh… I’m really on demand.”
  3. I don’t know who you are”. Nothing is as creepy as an incompetent stalker who got your number and dropped a random “Hey, guess who?” at midnight. It’s not in any way romantic and just puts your defenses up. This is worse than when corporations get your contacts from the security front desk.
  4. I am interested in you but it makes me so uncomfortable because I’m seeing someone”. At times we are all confronted by our dark side which is tempted to cheat or compromise on our relationships. How you deal with is is all up to you and the self awareness you have.
  5. I will reply later”. Sometimes you receive a message but for whatever reason you choose to reply at a later time. Maybe the dog ate your homework or you are at a place with loud music. Those are legitimate excuses, right?
  6. I don’t give a damn”. You are being confronted with an issue that makes you uncomfortable. Maybe it’s a break up or maybe its your boss saying “why didn’t I get that important report on my desk?”. For whatever reason, your gut feels warmer and you say to yourself “I ain’t replying to that!”
  7. I need to seek further consultation”. You and your girls are having problems. The problems have gotten worse as you have refused to be a man and chosen to confront them. In fact, you have chosen to post a screenshot on social media and ask your followers, “What do I do with this crazy person?”. And yes, you will reply after getting advice from your consultants.

Have fun being blue ticked today.