For three international hit series you’ll only find here, plus stand-up comedy A-listers, heart-wrenching drama and action series, top-class movies and the best the African film industry has to offer, look no further than Showmax in the month of August. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come.


Younger S4 – First on Showmax
First and only on Showmax – Liza confessed her secret to Kelsey, but that starts a rollercoaster season where new love and old gripes all arrive at the same time!
Planned release date: 03/08


Flash S2
The Flash has defeated his foe, the Reverse-Flash. Now our hero has to plunge straight into the threat his arch-nemesis left behind, the reality-destroying Singularity.
Planned release date: 03/08

Kingdom S3, E10 – First on Showmax and express from the US
This gripping MMA drama starring Nick Jonas sees a family of fighters struggling to keep their gym afloat. This show is huge in the States and you can watch it only on Showmax.
Planned release date: 03/08

Harlots S1 – First on Showmax
First on Showmax – Sex, revenge and cunning are everywhere in this raunchy show about an 18th-Century London brothel owner raising her stunning daughters in a very seedy world.
Planned release date: 07/08

Arrow S4
It’s the end of a chapter as Oliver leaves Starling City and his Arrow mask behind. But a new and very dangerous enemy may change all of that.
Planned release date: 07/08

The Whispers S1
The FBI starts to investigate mysterious cases of an invisible friend telling children to do dangerous things. But there is something much more sinister going on in this nail-biting thriller.
Planned release date: 10/08

Ballers S2 (HBO)
Spencer Strasmore’s sports finance game heats up when a big rival steals his clients. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know Spencer never backs down, no matter how big the fight.
Planned release date: 10/08

Insecure S1 (HBO)
Black women are meant to be strong and proud. But Issa and Molly’s friendship thrives on their insecurities in this side-splitting new comedy show, a fresh look at being yourself.
Planned release date: 14/08

Doctor Foster S1 (BBC)
Dr Gemma Foster has the perfect life, then her husband starts behaving strangely. What she thought was an affair unearths a darker secret, in this tense new drama series.
Planned release date: 17/08

South Park S19 – S20
Political correctness creeps into the town of South Park, turning everything on its head. But the kids are ready to fight back, in this long-running and hilarious animated series.
Planned release date: 17/08

Big Bang Theory S9
Leonard and Penny finally get married! But that is just the start of more craziness, especially with Sheldon around. The world’s funniest sitcom is back to have you in stitches!
Planned release date: 21/08

Shameless S6
The Gallagher family is in for another turbulent season as Ian decides to quit his meds and Debbie might be pregnant! And then there is always Frank, back from “holiday” …
Planned release date: 21/08

Vikings S4B
Ragnar returns to his kingdom where everyone has a fight to pick. But they better know how to punch hard … Don’t miss the thrilling final part of this season.
Planned release date: 24/08

Being Mary Jane S1 – S3
She has success and fame. But Mary Jane also yearns for a family of her own. Can she get that on her terms and not what everyone else expects?
Planned release date: 24/08

Real Husbands of Hollywood S1 – S3
It’s just so hard to be wealthy and bored in Hollywood. Kevin Hart and friends take the lives of the rich and famous to pieces in this hilarious spoof series.
Planned release date: 28/08

MTV Shuga S1 – S5
Young adults are ready to grab life by the horns for love, friendship and success, if they can weigh the price of their desires in this captivating drama series.
Planned release date: 28/08


Charlize Theron is transformed as Aileen Wuornos, the serial killer who stalked highways in the late 80s. Follow her dark story as her quest for survival turns evil.
Planned release date: 03/08

The Breakfast Club
Five teenagers have to get through detention, but they end up discovering common cause against their teacher in the modern classic that defined the 80s.
Planned release date: 07/08

A scientific genius’s mind is saved in a computer after he dies, but is it really him? Catch an all-star cast with Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman in this sci-fi thriller.
Planned release date: 07/08

Big Fat Liar
A sleazy producer steals Jason’s story and turns it into a hit movie. When he refuses to own up, Jason and his friend Amanda start making the producer’s life hell!
Planned release date: 14/08


Shaun the Sheep S5 – New Season
Shaun, Bitzer and their farmyard friends are back, ready for new adventures taking on escaped convicts, rock stars and even trouble-making moles in this fun animated series from Aardman!
Planned release date: 03/08

Shaun the Sheep: Farmer’s Llama 
Shaun has to save the day after Farmer and Bitzer accidentally buy a bunch of llamas, who are much meaner than they seem! A hilarious animation for young and old!
Planned release date:  03/08

True Jackson S1 
Life isn’t simple when you’re balancing high school and a corporate career. But for True Jackon, genius fashionista, it’s all in a day’s work, in this madcap and funny comedy series.
Planned release date:  07/08

Haunted Hathaways S1 
The Hathaway family are ready to start a new life and open a bakery. Only, they weren’t expecting that life to include the hunky ghost family living in their new place!
Planned release date: 10/08

Pingu S6 
Join Pingu the penguin and his friends for all-new adventures, from learning pottery and playing the flute to meeting the Abominable Snowman – more than 20 new adventures!
Planned release date: 14/08

Mr Bean Animated Series S2 
From replacing his favourite mug with one of the Queen’s to his awful inventions, Mr Bean is back to shake up the world with his side-splitting antics.
Planned release date: 17/08

Thomas & Friends S20 
Thomas, Percy and the rest of the gang are back! Join them as they help cute ducklings, visit a castle and even meet the engine of the future!
Planned release date: 17/08

Thomas & Friends: Tale of the Brave 
A number of accidents lead Thomas to investigate strange footprints in the area. But he will need to be brave if he wants to find out where they come from.
Planned release date:

Mike The Knight S3 
Mike, his trainee knights and the dragons are back! This time, they try to win the ultimate tug-o-war, find the queen, ride the super sleigh and have loads of adventures!
Planned release date: 21/08

Thomas & Friends: Sodors Legend of the Lost Treasure 
The race is on between Thomas and the seadog Sailor John as they try to find lost pirate treasure. Arr! Join Thomas in this exciting movie full of adventure.
Planned release date: 24/08

Fireman Sam S10 (DHX)
Fireman Sam and his team of firefighters are back to help save the day in the town of Pontypandy. No problem is too big or small for these heroes!
Planned release date: 24/08

Thomas & Friends: The Great Race 
Thomas is invited to the Great Railway Show, where he can race against the fastest trains in the world. But they haven’t met Thomas and his friends yet!
Planned release date: 28/08

Strawberry Shortcake: Sky’s the Limit 
Berry Bitty City’s water is running out! Strawberry Shortcake knows they can fix the problem with a little imagination and teamwork, but can they do it before everyone leaves?
Planned release date: 28/08

Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Bitty Adventures 
Strawberry Shortcake and all her friends in the town of Berry Bitty love their shops and homes. With so many new surprises every day, you will too.
Planned release date: 28/08

Team Hot Wheels: The Origin of Awesome 
A mysterious car is bringing monsters into town, and four friends are ready to solve the mystery as they team up and become the famous Team Hot Wheels!
Planned release date: 31/08

Curious George S7 – S9 
Come with George as he goes everywhere from his backyard to the other side of the world, visiting strange places and learning more about animals from across the planet.
Planned release date: 31/08

Terrific Trucks S1 
Jump onboard the adventures of a dump truck, a front-end loader, a digger, a semi and a mini front-end loader as they save the day with their special skills!
Planned release date: 31/08


Amy Schumer Mostly Sex Stuff
Dating is tough enough, but you have to deal with the weirdos, strange dates and unexpected body parts as well! Amy Schumer lays it all out in her first comedy special.
Planned release date: 07/08

John Oliver: Terrifying Times
The talkshow star heads back to his roots. With his trademark dry wit, John Oliver dissects the world of politics, humanity and his strange childhood.
Planned release date: 03/08

Whitney Cummings: I Love You
From the voices in her head to her frustration with men calling women crazy, you’ll be rolling on the ground before Whitney Cummings is done.
Planned release date: 07/08

Kristen Schaal: Live at the Fillmore
Get ready to laugh non-stop as the eccentric and bubbly Wendy Schaal takes to the stage in her first comedy special.
Planned release date: 07/08

Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump
Give Donald Trump a stage and he’ll pick on everyone. Now it’s his turn, as comedians turn their nastiest jokes towards the Donald. Can he take his own medicine?
Planned release date: 14/08

Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber
He may have a baby face and pouting bad boy attitude, but can Justin Bieber take the heat from the best comedians in the biz?
Planned release date: 14/08

Comedy Central Roast of James Franco
He can act, direct and rock the movie game. But can James Franco handle fiery comedy barbs from the likes of Sarah Silverman, Seth Rogan and Andy Samberg?
Planned release date: 14/08

God Grew Tired of Us
What would you do to escape from war? Follow three Somali refugees who walk 1 000 miles to leave their country and eventually end up in the USA, in this gripping documentary narrated by Nicole Kidman.
Planned release date: 21/08

Too Young to Die
From Bruce Lee to Heath Ledger, many talented stars died before their time. Find out who they really were in this provocative documentary.
Planned release date: 24/08


Kaleche wakes up near Kati Kati, a lodge in the middle of nowhere. She discovers Kati Kati is inhabited by the souls of dead people waiting for redemption…
Planned release date: 01/08

Ties That Bind
Three women from different backgrounds bound by a similar pain, the loss of a child, meet to renovate a dilapidated clinic where they mull over life.
Planned release date: 03/08

A young woman who is handicapped after an accident becomes attached to an AIDS orphan.
Planned release date: 07/08

Tales of Eve, S1 – S4
This is a new form of expression for the African woman, providing her with a voice to speak of where she finds herself in African society.
Planned release date: 10/08

Dirty Money
Leo vowed no matter what, he’d stay clean.What starts off as harmless driving between drug dens and brothels escalates as Leo discovers that this world actually suits him.
Planned release date: 14/08

The Good Man
Michael is an Irish banker whose life unravels after causing a stranger’s death in an accident. Sifiso is a teenager from the township, dreaming of escape. Their stories unexpectedly collide.
Planned release date: 21/08

Mrs & Mrs Singh
In the Singh family, trouble is the order of the day, and their rebellious employees’ hilarious schemes will leave you in stitches.
Planned release date: 24/08

One in a Million
The Bolos have hit the jackpot and are moving on up out of their run-down house. Their celebration is cut short when a debt collector shows up.
Planned release date: 28/08

Hosts scout for eligible couples and once a match is made, a camera crew follows the potential lovebirds who go on a date and report back on its success.
Planned release date: 31/08

**Please note, dates may change unexpectedly. 

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