People have been posting their suggestions on Twitter using the hashtag #IdLikeToBeRichEnoughTo…

The hashtag #IdLikeToBeRichEnoughTo started trending as over 28,000 people took to the micro-blogging site to share their weird, wonderful and at times, downright heartwarming, ideas about how they’d like to splash their cash.

Even celebrity blogger Perez Hilton got in on the act, tweeting that if he was rich enough he would ‘give away millions a year to charity, worthwhile causes and people.’

And this charitable theme continued in several posts.

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Twitter user @lizard_lou, shared that paying their parents back ‘after all that they’ve done for me over the years’ would be a ‘blessing’.

And @RoeGhost said he would like to ‘end World hunger’.

A sentiment shared by @Selinacandygirl who typed that she would use her money to ‘buy an unused derelict mansion or big building and convert it into rooms for homeless people’.

And @kf113 added that she would ‘leave huge tips for waitresses and make their day’.

However, for many of those tweeting, it seems charity starts at home, with several people sharing they would like to spend their money treating themselves.

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Twitter user @RoamingMil wrote: #IdLikeToBeRichEnoughTo eat in restaurants EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. That’s all I’m looking for’.

While @TruthByBrandi shared that she would like to ‘drop everything and run away…..just for one weekend.’

And @DaSkrambledEgg offered that he would like to not think of a McDonald’s value meal as ‘splurging’.

Other people posting on the thread took the opportunity to try and show off their comedic chops by suggesting they would use their money to do totally bizarre things.

Username @Amber_1017 shared that she would use her cash to ‘make it rain whenever I step in Target’.

While @MistahJ1307 admitted he would like to ‘be Batman. I wouldn’t fight crime, I’d just wear the suit and grapple up random buildings just cus’.

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