Few would win Sh22.6 billion and still wake up every morning to go to work …but that is exactly what US Powerball Jackpot winner Brad Duke did 12 years ago when he won $220 million or Sh22.6 billion as per the prevailing exchange rate.

Duke from Idaho, US stayed on at his workplace for slightly over two years; drove the same car he had before the windfall and pretty much did nothing extraordinary or out of routine for about three years as he strategised on how to use the cash. Today, he is still rich, thanks to his ‘weird’ behaviour post-winning.

This week, the SportPesa Mega Jackpot which started at Sh100 million last September has risen to a record Sh205,144,258. Whoever wins this will be a lucky person no doubt, but how far that luck runs depends on how one behaves after coming into sudden wealth. If you will be the lucky winner of the Ksh205.14 million, here are some things to do to help you prosper with the cash:

  1. Get help – It is ok to seek advice and counseling on how best to spend the money depending on your needs and also the prevailing investment climate. One wrong move could be costly and no amount of money is too large to get finished. It all depends on spending plans in place.

    According to Duke: “You really have to define what is important to you and develop a plan around it. Get people to help you do what you’re not so good at doing.”

    In his case he got a good tax attorney and corporate business lawyer, who he still keeps up to today. His wealth as per many newspaper reports is still growing, thanks to sound advice from his team of experts.

  2. Do nothing for a while – Duke only broke the news to his father at first but as is the case with jackpots, the news soon spreads fast and people got to know of his good fortune. Still he maintained his daily routine, going to work and did not splash the cash on luxury spending as soon as he got it as is the case with many winners. He kept the money in his account as he slowly mapped out what to do with it. This gave him perspective and according to many financial experts helps to keep one grounded to avoid the pitfalls of excessive impulse spending.
  3. Enjoy yourself but reasonably—of course the whole point of betting and playing lotteries is to win cash that can help you live happily ever after. There is no harm in seeking life’s little pleasures from time to time. However, take caution not to overdo the fun and keep track of your bank balance. If you are to live happily all through your life with Sh200 million, by all means enjoy responsibly.
  4. Have a separate account for savings— Do not put all your money in one account. Set up a savings account or if you have children, give them a safety net by way of a trust fund. Having to control your spending when all the money is in one account is hard, for some people even impossible. To protect your money from yourself, separate the cash. Put aside some for much later.
  5. Re-evaluate your relationships— Again here, as Duke the US jackpot winner says, map out what or in this case, who is important to you. Money increases the number of ‘friends’ seeking you out. Long lost relatives also show up unexpectedly. People will want your help, it is human nature. You just have to know which ones are needier and more important to you hence deserving of your help and which ones to say no to. It is ok to say no to people. Do not turn yourself into a human ATM.

    The latest SportPesa Mega Jackpot is enticing to say the least. But to win it, one must not just fantasize but try their luck by correctly predicting the outcomes of all the 17 matches under this week’s MJP games. The Sh205 million could be yours, you never know!

Sportpesa MegaJackpot Wk13
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