It’s Valentine’s Day and many are enjoying being showered with love but quite a number are not happy. Slay queens to be specific. Their sponsors, or rather community husbands, are nowhere to be seen.

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This lot of species are ‘mourning’ today. Their day isn’t as fun as they would have imagined. From posting heartbreak messages to sharing inspirational and godly quotes, today seems to be a long day for slay queens as well as side chics.

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Well, for the women dating community husbands, here are the things they go through on Valentine’s day.

No flowers 

None of them will ever receive flowers on such a day. The community husband has several women and he can’t satisfy all of them. All he can do is schedule a date for another day.

No presents and gifts

Community husbands are too busy to purchase gifts for their side chics on Valentine’s Day. They are busy making money so they can get more women. In case he doesn’t send a gift your way, usikufe roho, he is hustling for you and your co-wives.

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He will always have excuses. On Valentine’s Day, he will always try to dodge you. So in case you’re dating a community husband, don’t rely on him on Valentine’s; jipe shughuli.

Blocked all day

A community husband will block you everywhere, from social media accounts to normal calls. He doesn’t want to be disturbed and he will only resurface after Valentine’s is over. He’s not ready for your nagging behavior.


He is good at manufacturing lies. He will fabricate lies just to make you feel special and ‘understand’ him, but deep inside he knows he’s lying to you.

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