It’s definitely no secret that we all love beautiful people and we all like to look beautiful …but how do these women keep slaying it day in and day out?

Oh, and by the way, if these names caught your attention, then it means you’re like me …and that you’ve got really good taste. Your life happens to be just as great as mine and you also recognize that “feel good factor”.

So yeah, how do we look beautiful and stay beautiful? Now folks, I agree that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and yes, we really cannot argue about that statement. However, I think we’ll also agree that some things simply cannot be ignored if we want to define beauty, especially on a woman.


Today I’ll let you in on something. It’s the kind of stuff that’s right under your nose actually …and yes, Caroline Mutoko does it, Victoria Rubadiri loves it, Adelle Onyango keeps to it, Lillian Muli reccomends it and Grace Msalame certainly knows that it’s something every lady should do as frequently as possible.

Yes folks. In fact, if you ever meet them, please feel free to ask them. Tell them you saw it here first (and that you happen to have really good taste).

I now get to the point. What do they have in common that makes…