Comedian Eric Omondi has been making headlines and all for different reasons.

Ladies if you have taken a look at the new Eric Omondi then you know he is nothing but a snack that team mafisilets can’t seem to get enough of.

From his new well built body who wouldn’t look twice?

The comedian has also been doing tremendously well in his career.

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The funny man launched his new studio and showcased some of the classic cars named after veteran comedians; the cars are set to be used by both upcoming and already known artists.

Inspite of the success and fame Eric points out there is one important thing he has lacked and would want to fill the gap to be complete, that is a woman by his side.

Jacque Maribe in a recent interview with True Love hinted that she turned down Eric Omondi’s proposition for they to resume their relationship

Now, the king of comedy then announced on his instagram page that he is looking for ladies to marry.

It is hard to take the king of comedy seriously, he is ever kidding and people love him for that but this time he says he is more than serious on his quest to find himself a woman to settle down with.

In the video on instagram Eric Omondi has requested any interested party to take a video describing why he/she will make a good wife and send to a specific number then later on post it on their Instagram accounts.

Eric has solely left the selection part to Kenyans claiming that it is almost impossible for 47 million Kenyans to make a wrong decision.

The comedian has encouraged not just Kenyans to participate but open doors for women in other neighboring countries such as Tanzania and Uganda to also feel free in participating in the audition.

One thing is for sure, women want to enjoy everything with the comedian.

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Eric Omondi has shared posts of interested parties as fans together with fellow celebrities give their opinions on each participant.

Let’s be clear here, this competition did not just attract ladies only, there is an interesting video shared of a male contestant also in need of becoming Eric’s partner specifically the wife.

In this case claiming that he has been hunting him down for a long time and the likes of Khaligraph jones were quick to mock the comedian for the candidate.

As the selection process keeps going on with potential wives sending their videos to the number the drums keeps rolling with excitement in the air for the one who will make the cut and get selected as the wife for the comedian who has been single after breaking up with his pretty Italian ex.

Eric has emphasized that he will make things official by having a wedding once Kenyans decide on the lady.

We wait with bated breath.

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