Kamiti Maximum Prison warders conducted a random search a while back and Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu was nabbed with contraband.

The prison is fitted with cameras and hawk-eyed guards who screen people, vehicles and goods entering the correctional facility.

But somehow, contraband made its way into the vicinity of the prison.

And that landed Jowie in trouble.

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JowieHe was transferred to a harsher prison environment where the facility is surrounded by wild animals and it is in the middle of nowhere.

Jowie is cooling his heels at Manyani Prison.

Anyhow, the prison bosses did not reveal what contraband Jowie was nabbed with.

In past prison searched, prisoners were caught with laptops, internet modems, sim cards and mobile phones—tools that inmates use to swindle unsuspecting members of the public.

Other contraband items according to the Daily Nation that was seized include cigarettes, hard drugs, knives and daggers carved from iron rods, electric cookers and coils and razor blades.


Here is a list of what is considered contraband in prisons around the world.

Jowie speaks out after being transferred to harsh Manyani Prison

Contraband is reported in the following categories:

Notifiable, such as suspected cannabis leaf greater than 20 grams or tablets or powders suspected to be illicit drugs

Non-notifiable, such as the smell or other indication of drugs or suspected drugs that were tested and confirmed as not being drugs

Drugs paraphernalia including smoking devices and needles

Communication device such as a cell phone or SIM card

Weapons: including improvised weapons or instructions for making them and hobby tools outside of authorised areas

Alcohol: either homebrew or commercial or related items

Tattoo equipment including needles and ink

Other, including money, gang paraphernalia, prescription medicines and tobacco

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