Makena Njeri

Makena Njeri is that talk of the town after her new Mercedes Benz was vandalized by what is reported to be an angry ex- bae.

When called for a comment she dismissed the claims saying her car has not been vandalised.

Makena took to her Instagram in a cryptic post saying,

“I feel like I’m in season 5 of my life and the writers are just making ridiculous shit happen to keep it interesting. Lol.”

Netizens are now curious about her Dubai vacay with her girls.

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Late last month, Makena went to Dubai with the CEO of Marini Natural, Michele Ntalami.

It was part of her 35th birthday celebrations.

Ntalami wrote on her Instagram, “35 today! 🎉 If you know me you know I go hard on Birthdays, whether mine or for those I love! So here we are.. Thirty Thrive! 🎊 Grateful to be spending it in one of the top destinations in the world, in one of the best designer clubs in the world! A dream come true for me! 🙏🏾 Happy Birthday to me! 😍 Thank you Dubai, @armaniprivedxb and @bountifulsafaris for the love and the experience!🎉♥️😘 #ThirtyThrive #DesignerBirthday.”

Ntalami also highlighted her philosophy in life, “I believe in the power of calling things into existence, and them actually happening!”

She added, “Always wanted to do a beautiful all-white Yacht Party in some place far away with my closest friends. I shared this with @bountifulsafaris and they made it happen..wooot! 💃🏾 So here we are! All white everything, all love everything!”

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The crew hang out at the Bvlgari Yacht Club Dubai.

“Having the time of my life at Bvlgari Yacht Club Dubai with these amazing humans! I couldn’t be happier and more grateful to them all for all the new memories created! Yaani…I have laughed for the rest of the year, my ribs can’t even! I love you guys! ♥️ More amazing experiences on my stories, showing you the real Yacht life in Dubai, the views, the vibes, the feeling.. one word – Breathtaking!”

The other places the crew visited was the Dubai Mall, “Salt Bae’s” Restaurant and they also did a Desert Safari.

Here are the photos from that exciting vacay.

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