Dem ame KO juu ya pombe
Dem ame KO juu ya pombe

“Aki nimewacha pombe” is the second most popular comment every new year after “New year, New me”. Our team of researches went out to investigate the true meaning behind this statement that has been said over the years.This statement has baffled scientists for centuries even when water was once turned to wine back then. I can bet you, someone at that party had said “Mimi nimewacha kukunywa until the wine showed up miraculously.

If you indulge, at one point of your life you have uttered this statement. Nobody quite thinks about its meaning when they say it. After careful research, we finally figured out what saying “nimewacha pombe” really means.

  1. “I am finally broke and cant afford more alcohol this month”
    Yes, this declaration is another way to mask chronic brokenness which is okay. Alcohol can make you broke!
  2. “I feel like crap now, but will be back next week”
    Channeling your inner politician and making false promises may also happen because of pombe. This is the equivalent of saying “When I get in to office, I will build 20 sports stadiums”.
  3. “You genuinely have a health problem”
    Yes, drinking habits can lead to some serious long term problems including liver failure and depression. Don’t make alcohol a similar habit to brushing your teeth.
  4. “I have to be at work”
    If you could operate at work drunk, you probably would be drinking alcohol instead of coffee… but we all know that alcohol is the enemy of productivity. Don’t drink and work. Pombe sio ya kazi.
  5. “I am newly married and don’t want to ruin it”
    Newly married couples go through a honeymoon phase which can extend to one year or more. All of a sudden your married friend will go “Aki nimewacha pombe…” yet this is usually temporary.
  6. “I cant believe that I have had such a terrible hangover”
    Hangovers from hell are terrible. It can have you thinking that you are dying and suffering from memory loss. Bad hangovers have you wasting a whole day. You really cant get your days back because time is non-recycable. Damn.
  7. “You were dumped”
    Sometimes when relationships end, you feel a stinging pain in your gut and want to change your life. “Nimewacha kukunywa pombe…” is a subtle attempt to win back your ex because you really secretly wanna show them that you changed.
  8. “I started going to the gym”
    We all know someone who goes to the gym and stopped having certain habits… which is commendable. Make yourself a better human being.